Shipping to me

Service Shipping to me:

Many customers believe that the shipping method is a simple stage that does not require the experience or power of any logistics company that carries out the task of shipping goods from China. Some companies ship the goods without informing the customer of any matters and instructions.The customer may be expected to make mistakes. , Simple examples: the provision of original documents for goods, the extraction of certificates, the delay of shipment of goods, and because the experience is important in such operations, we have harnessed to you specialized staff.

Upon request, after approval and evaluation, you get:

  • Shipping Rate .
  • Commissions Cost. 

After the service request you get:

  • Provide a dedicated team to supervise the receipt of your goods through the factories.
  • Comparison and random inspection of goods to ensure that they are consistent with the contents of the invoice statement.
  • Loading cargo in containers.
  • Extracting the following goods:

1. Country and origin certificate.

2- Bill of lading.

3- Official invoice.

4. A statement of content is not available.

  • Transfer of goods from factory to port in the case of the factory price of EXW

Why Orders Gate?

  • We have agents through which we get the best shipping rates available.
  • We cover the packaging and safety of goods when transported and loaded.
  • We have warehouses to store and save goods when you book your shipment.
  • Ability to provide all certificates of goods.
  • Insurance of goods upon request by the customer.
  • Providing the necessary equipment for transporting goods from the factory to warehouses or from warehouses to the port.
  • The ability to provide all types of custom containers such as (refrigerated containers – open containers).


  • LCL shared container
  • 20 ft container (28 cpm)
  • Container 40 ft (56 cpm)
  • Container 40 feet high cube (67 cpm)
  • 45 High Cube Container (77.7 CBM)
  • Refrigerated container
  • Custom container
  • Open container

Terms of Service:

  • The application shall not be contrary to the laws and policies of the exporting country and the customer shall bear the responsibility.
  • Provide an official invoice from the supplier indicating the type of products, quantities and sizes.
  • The client should be aware of the required certificates for the goods, which facilitates the process of entering the country.
  • Send the invoice for the goods to be shipped.
  • Orders Gate must approves the request.