Nillkin HD Anti-fingerprint Screen Protector For Nokia Lumia 1520

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Nillkin HD Anti-fingerprint Screen Protector For Nokia Lumia 1520

Compatible Brand: Nokia Lumia 1520 Smartphone
Style: Matte HD anti-fingerprint


Matte surface  for comfortable sense of touch.
High pervious to light material and screen sharpening function for super clear sense of sight.
Radiation protection for protecting your eyes from fatigue,dryness and decreased vision.
Strong anti-fingerprint function for protecting your smartphone from dust, scratches, static and fingerprint.


Take out mobile phone,clean the dust on the screen with cleaning cloth.
Use the static de-dusting film to stick dust away from the screen.
Take off the No.1layer from the lable.
Make corners of film align at corners to mobile phone.
Press film slightly and push upwards slowly.
Make film fit and absorb screen totally.
Take off No.2 layer.

Package included:

1 x Screen protector for Nokia Lumia 1520
1 x Cleaning cloth
1 x De-dusting film

More Details:

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