Import for me

Service Import for Me:

One of the most prominent features of this service is that you have a specialized team and an expert who oversees the import process, starting with the negotiations with the factory, completing the payment process, receipt of the goods, making sure that they are matched with the invoice, preparing the appropriate shipping means for the goods and extracting the documents in the importer’s country. A large number of offices in China, but the expertise in this area is absolutely required because you will have full supervision of all the steps until the goods out of China through the appropriate freight to the customer.

Conditions for applying:

  •  invoice from the factory indicating the products, models, specifications and final price.

You will get after ordering service:

  • Foundation commission

Example (the team will conduct an assessment of the contents of the invoices attached and after approval and based on the above, a mutually satisfactory commission will be determined).

Why with the Orders Gate?

  • Because our experience extends to more than 8 years in the sourcing, markets and factories of China.
  • Our full knowledge of the stages of the import process from the search and end to shipping the product to the customer.
  • We provide you with the time and effort to supervise your goods.
  • We know the factories and the reliable and recognized enterprises in China.
  • We protect your financial transactions or your foreign transfers.
  • The presence of staff speaking Chinese, making the agreement between the supplier and the customer more clearly and better.
  • The presence of great relations in several sources in most areas, because of the presence of our office in China.
  • Inspection of goods and their conformity with the provisions of the purchase invoice.
  • Facilitate all documents and certificates required for the goods.
  • Supervise the safety of the goods when loaded.