Two Pen Nib Mini Delike Nib Pocket Cartridge Fountain Pen EF Dip Pen 1cm Pouch With Gift Box

Screw Cap, Cap can be screwed on the barrel.  
length (if cap posted on the barrel): 138mm
Diameter: 10mm
Screw type dip nib units Delike nib units and Marupen nib unit
when you use it as a glass dip pen ,  you need to dip the ink to write .
and you need to use ink cartridge to write with fountain pen nib units.
( you can use Schneider 6601 cartridge , the pen can not use converter )
Package included: 

1 pc Delike nib Fountain Pen   ( 1pc Glass nib unit ,1pc  extra Marupen nib unit )