CCTR-830G OBD 3G GPS Locator Gps Monitoring Tracker Supports Remote Power Failure Alarm

1. OBD interface, DIY no installation.
2. Diagnostic car status (reply by SMS).
3. Auto download config APN GRPS setting.
4. Listen sound sround tracker.
5. App / Wechat / Web / SMS / Wap locate.
6. Built in Shock Sensor for Car Move and Shock Alarm.
7. Shock sensor control uploading to save car battery power.
8. Cell ID locate when no GPS ( Indoor or underground).
9. Universal GSM / WCDMA band for global network.
10. Wide working woltage: 9-45V DC

Model: CCTR-830G OBD
Material: ABS
Size: 70*27*47mm
Type of battery: Lithium battery
Battery life: 4h
GPS positioning accuracy: 5-10m
Antenna type: Built in
Types: Vehicle GPS locator / individual

Package Included:
1 X CD