5M Mini Correction Tape Stationery Student Office Roll Tape Scrapbooking

Size:Approx :80x50x20mm
conversion : 1 inch = 25.4mm or 1mm = 0.0393 inch
Material: Plastic,titanium dioxide, heat-resistant resin, polystyrene, self-adhesive,
smooth release paper
Note.:Double Sided Adhesive Tape

How to use
The position of sharp-tongued of the tape to be close to the recommended position,
the tape surface and the paper about a 45-60 degree angle, gently press and
back out of an area to completely cover the surface you need to.

Product Features
Safe non-toxic, clean
Flat surface modification, leaving no trace
Can be written immediately after use, can be replaced with a core again
Applicable to all types of paper, copy, fax and various written documents.

Do not put in high temperatures, damp or direct sunlight places
Do not pull out or cut off tape
Keep out of reach of children
Please cover the protective cap after using

Package Include:
1 x Roll Tape