2Pcs 220×11.5cm Long Stripe Graphics Car Stickers Off-Road Side Body Vinyl Decals Black/White/Blue

1. Waterproof,Self-adhesive,removable,and last longer.

2. You can paste it on car window, car door, rear windshield, and anywhere you want.


 Material  Polyvinyl chloride
 Color  Black/White/Blue
 Size  220 x 11.5cm
 Weight  Around 140g

How to install:
1. Clean and dry the part where you want to put the sticker.
2. Peel the back adhesive of car sticker(please note to reveal the back side of sticker
    not drag the sticker side off from whole set).
3. Place it on the car adjust position and stick it from 1 side to another,slowly tear the
    transparent film.
4. Press the tear film after the sticker, Until flat,Don’t let the car stickers have any physical
    separation or protrusions.
5. In the case of conditions, can moderate heating, to ensure that the sticker can be better
    and more firmly stuck in the car body.

1. Please clean the target place by detergent before stick it on.

2. Never put the car under the hot sun within 48 hours after the installation!
3. Never wash the car within 48 hours after installation!

Package Included:
1 X Pair Car Stickers