12Pcs Luxury 5-Seat Car Seat Cover Front Rear with Pillow Waist Cushion Black Red


Material: Polyester fiber
Filling: Cotton
Back seat: 55x49cm
Front seat: 62x51cm
Front seat backrest: 59x54cm
Pillow: 36x23cm/26x17cm

1. Breathable fabric, all seasons use, universal for 5-seat cars.
2. Good texture, real material, work elegant. allowing you to ride safely and enjoy the fun of driving.
3. Wear and high temperature resistance, easy to clean
4. All surrounded, fit, fashion, beautiful
Front seat installation:
1. Put the front seats from top to bottom, and then buckle the headrest.

2. Pass the buckles which are already in the elastic cord trough the crevice to make the cover firm.

3. Make sure the hooks hold your seat cover snugly.

Back seat installation:
1. Turn over the rear three person seat,and hook the straps together, then put it back.
2. Put the buckles into the crevice to make it more stable.
3. Zip the armrest cushion then you’ve your car decorated.

Package Included:
2 x front seat cover
2 x rear backrest
2 x rear seat cover
1 x rear center armrest
4 x pillow
1 x steering wheel cover

As the product is a common style, it will inevitably have 1-3cm error, can not exactly match. But this does not affect the use.
So it is best to confirm the size before buying.