Terms & Conditions

This contract contains the terms and policies of the company in the process of ordering through the site as approved before the completion of the application.

General Terms and Conditions:

Obligation to fill out personal information fields and the customer acknowledges their authenticity.

The Foundation does not accept any request that violates the teachings of our Islamic religion of different materials and products.

We assume full responsibility for any goods that do not conform to the specifications and standards of the exporting country in case the instructions were not issued by the customer when submitting the application.

Our business scope in the People's Republic of China is fully provided by logistics and customer support in facilitating all procedures and the scope of our business reaches out via the exit of customer goods from the Republic of China.

The company is considered an intermediary between the client and the manufacturer in the event of defects in the manufacture is not borne by the institution and we address the factory or the customer to communicate with them to ask for compensation and others and we are not responsible for the policy of factories in after-sales service or the client to authorize the institution to work contract subject to the plant items on certain presence Inspection and matching companies shall bear the charge of those companies.


Order terms and policies:

The client is responsible for the type of the application and the specifications it provides to the institution, where the work of the institution is limited to running its expertise in the search for sources and companies that fit with what is stated in the customer's request.

The customer is not entitled to change the application after providing the full information about it. This is a new application that is submitted again.

All applications are made through the website and after being evaluated by the concerned department and approved by the customer, it is confirmed to the customer.

The organization has the right to reject any request as appropriate to the company's vision without mentioning any reasons.

The commission of the institution varies from time to time and determines the type of demand and the fees of the institution in providing the service to the client.

To provide the customer with the specifications of the products carefully to be taken into consideration before starting to provide information and the company will not re-search after providing information and prices.

The company will provide a price quote including (price - product pictures - specifications) and offer another price including (the price of shipping) after the identification of the total goods and their weight and the appropriate means of shipment.


Shipping Terms and Policies:

Shipping rates vary from time to time and the shipping price can only be given in the expected shipping week for no sudden change in prices.

The shipping methods available are sea freight, air freight "Cargo" and air freight "Express".

The required papers for the goods are provided by the institution such as the country certificate, origin and receipt of the invoice.

The quantities and quantities of karate exported from factories, shops and companies are checked and our responsibility is given in respect of the content because the goods come out closed and random samples will be taken to verify inside them.


Payment Terms and Policies:

An official invoice is sent through our office in China to the customer's country so that it facilitates the process of transferring from the bank and the source of the transfer.

For small amounts the customer can pay through the accounts of our organization in Saudi Arabia or attend and pay directly to the office in Riyadh.

The customer is not entitled to request payment after payment of the fees to the factory.