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One of the most important features of this service is to get the ideal price that serves your project, especially with a large number of factories in China, but the experience in this area is absolutely required for you will be available to choose the right factory and get the price of the product required according to the data specified and most notably the desired specifications The product and quantity expected to be imported is also a key factor for getting prices.

You will get after ordering service:

  • Product price by shipping method.

  • Example (price on factory land EXW, price on a certain port within China FOB, price to CIF country port).

  • An illustration of the product you want.

  • Technical specifications.

Why with the Orders Gate?

  • Our full knowledge of the stages of the import process from the search and end to shipping the product to the customer.
  • We keep you away from time and effort in search.
  • We know the factories and the reliable and recognized enterprises in China.
  • We protect your financial transactions or your foreign transfers.
  • The presence of staff speaking Chinese, making the agreement between the supplier and the customer more clearly and better.
  • The presence of great relations in several sources in most areas, because of the presence of our office in China

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We have been experienced in the Chinese market for more than 8 years and provide you with integrated logistics services to get the best prices available for the latest product models for several fields and for more than one supplier or company and keep you away from the risks of unofficial and informal offices and complete the procurement and contracting through our bank account and facilitate receipt services Goods from factories or supplier and provide the appropriate shipping way for the customer

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