About Us

Orders Gate :

 Is the business gateway for business men and women to reach the best factories and products of modern China, where we do all the logistics and supervision of the requests of customers from the search for the right source until the processing of the appropriate way of shipment of goods and the extraction of all documents and certificates and papers for the customer from China, We have various packages in services such as importing goods for companies and individuals and for the best wholesale or retail prices.

Our vision:

To be the first company in the field of mediation, and to be a reference specialist in providing the best services Alojstip taking into account our principles and Islamic values.

the message:

 The company seeks to enhance trust among its customers around the world, through its multiple relationships with suppliers and factories, and to contribute to the development and development of industry and trade.

Property :

The site returns to the Smart Brokerage Office for commercial services registered commercial register in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia No: 1010448011