60x40cm Floral Rose Stripe Indoor Floor Mat Anti Slip Door Bathroom Kitchen Rug Carpet

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60x40cm Floral Rose Stripe Indoor Floor Mat Anti Slip Door Bathroom Kitchen Rug Carpet

60x40cm Floral Rose Stripe Indoor Floor Mat Bedroom Bathroom Kitchen Anti Slip Rug Carpet

This floor mat is made of polypropylene fiber and it has great function of water absorption. It has great characteristics of softness, odorless, thickness, good elastic, difficult deformation, not easy to fade, and it can be arbitrary folded.
Hand washing and machine washing all available.
It is a good tool to decorate your house :)

Material: polypropylene fiber
Size: about 60x40cm / 23.6*15.7"
Color: blue, purple, pink

Washing tips:
If there have some stains on the carpet, please rinse the item with warm water and use special carpet cleaner or mild detergent.
Hand washing, machine washing are all available, please put it in cool and ventilated place after cleaning, and avoid sun exposure.

Warm note:
Please put it in a smooth ground and avoid injuried by rough ground.
Please clean the carpet periodically and avoid moisture breeding ground for bacteria.
Please dry your feet with this carpet after toilet and mind your step avoid slipping.

Package included:
1 x Floor mat

Details pictures:


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