Logistic Service

Logistic Service

We offer various options and solutions for services in China. We have specialized experts seeking the best service to meet customer expectations through factories, suppliers, companies or markets in China. We also have solutions in sea, air and express shipping services for all China products, Of the factories and the extraction of documents and certificates of crisis for shipments. Choose your service that suits you through the options below:

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Import for me In Stock

Import for me

Service Import for Me:One of the most prominent features of this service is that you have a speciali..

Search for Me In Stock

Search for Me

Service Search for Me:One of the most important features of this service is to get the ideal price t..


shipping by air

Shipping Air Cargo or Express For all kinds of goods or products located in China's markets through ..

Shipping to me

Service Shipping to me:Many customers believe that the shipping method is a simple stage that does n..