Anti Glare Sunshade Shield Lens Hood Visor Protector for 7 Inch Car GPS Navigation

1. Superb craftsmanship and innovative design.
2. 7-inch navigator sun shield, help you solve the problem, for example under a bright light the GPS navigation reflective, can not see clearly.
3. Make your driving easy, no longer worry about not to see the navigator route.
4. It can be reduced to 300 lumens of light, the navigator can still clearly in bright light, not reflective.
5. It Can be used in the 7 inch GPS and similar navigator.
6. Easy to install, easy to disassemble, solid and reliable .
7. Toxic and tasteless, can be recycled, in line with international environmental protection standards .
8. It does not affect the reception of the satellite signal .
9. Material: plastic
10. Size: 17cm*11cm*3.8cm

Package Included:
1 X 7 inch GPS Sunshade