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Orders Gate

Your business gate to reach the best sources and factories, and provide all logistics services, starting with the search for products until the completion of the shipment to the client country.

Secure contract and payment of funds

A specialized team and expert supervises the process of importing the products, starting with the necessary negotiations and making sure the factories are in place and completing the payment processes, until the products are received from the factories and providing the appropriate shipping method to the customer.


Find the right source 

Attention in detail, and search for the best prices accessible to our knowledge of markets and factories, and have excellent relations with several suppliers in various fields.

Integrated shipping solutions

We have multiple solutions in the shipping of products, via air or sea or Express shipping, and the extraction of all papers, documents and certificate


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Factory catalogs, we can provide catalogs to customers through factories located in China according ..
Service Search for Me:One of the most important features of this service is to get the ideal price t..
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Trailers Should Import
Food Truck comes in the form of a classic classy, the trailer inside contains stainless steel workbe..
Cross bag -10%
A stylish and trendy crossover bag made of the finest ostrich leather in South Africa, with a simple..
$666.00 $600.00
Food Truck 4.5m Should Import
Food Truck 4.5m comes in the form of a classic classy, the trailer inside contains stainless steel w..